The Special Event “#SHADYSUMMER UK 2017”



#SHADYSUMMERUK: Shady’s fanbase offers you to welcome Eminem and his team to the UK very wholeheartedly and to hold some small fan-events.

We prepared special welcoming leaflets (A4 format) for Eminem. Just print this leaflet, bring it along and during the first tracks of Eminem hold it over your head. It will be very spectacular and beautiful and you will be definitely caught on the cameras of the press, which will be taking pictures during the show. And Eminem will certainly like it. And maybe he will see you from the scene and … show you his famous middle finger 🙂


If it’s dark, do not forget to flash your leaflet on with the backlight of your phone. Send your concert videos, photos and stories to and we will publish them to Eminem.Pro x Southpawer!


PDF of the banner.

PNG of the banner.