Jon Rahm Rodríguez who was the number one golfer in the World Amateur Golf Ranking for a record 60 weeks, says he listens to Eminem before every round of the golf game. Check out his interview with IrishTimes below:


IrishTimes: Rahm is a player who marches to the beat of his own drum, although – rather intriguingly – one of the ways he finds a way to find his golfing rhythm is to listen to Eminem songs on the putting green before rounds. Why Eminem? Well, when Rahm – who grew up in the small Basque town of Barrika – was offered a scholarship to study at Arizona State, he had very little English. So, someone advised him to listen to rap songs as an introduction to the language . . . and it so happened that, not alone did it improve his English, but he found the rapper’s words inspirational.


Rahm Rodríguez: “Song-wise, there’s two of them that I like to listen to before every round and that would be Not Afraid and ‘Til I Collapse. They’re very motivational. Most of them are about not giving up and fighting your way through  . . . . and, in my case, it gets me to the mental state that I need to play golf. Before I go to the tee box, when I’m putting, I’ll do it then, to get in the zone and not get too many technical thoughts.” 


Via IrishTimes