Happy Birthday Lazarus! Listing Lazarus Songs with Shady Records Artists



Is it often to see a rapper who is a doctor the same time and working with Shady Records’ artists actively? No. Kamran Rashid Khan aka Lazarus is the only man doing it from Detroit. If you want to get to know more about him check the interview we did with Laz couple of months ago but in this article we want to honor his birth day and we decided to list all the songs he has done with Shady Records’ artists:


Lazarus – “Lay the Law Down,” featuring D12 

Year: 2014
Album: Single

Best line: “Scorching hotter than Las Vegas’s summer’s beat. Take Illuminati to poverty from luxury! I’m cut throat, Bruce Wayne without the rope…”

Comment: Lazaru’s flow is crazy here! Em did you see that?!




Lazarus – “Open Heart Surgery,” featuring Bizarre 

Year: 2014
Album: Single

Best Line: Whole Lazarus verse.

Comment: Lazarus brings his knowledge into hip-hop. The whole verse is the ‘best line’ because every word he spits is important. It’s rare to see an educated rapper these days.




Lazarus – “Underdog,” featuring Royce Da 5’9″

Year: 2015
Album: Single

Best Line: “Without an assumption, I’m like a hybrid, it’s preposterous as Rakim, and the Indominus, Rex our perplexion, Raise the spirit as our possession from the village of Sargodha…”

Comment: This is my favorite joint. Royce is my favorite from Shady Records, Chuck D intro was dope and the beat is cool. Thank you Laz for making this to happen!




Lazarus – “Fearless,” featuring KXNG Crooked

Year: 2016
Album: Single

Best line: “Now two people in Bernardino could make a religion evil? Give me a proof. We’re not gunning Christians for Dylan Roof”

Comment: Generally, it’s hard to keep up with Kxng Crooked but Lazarus did it! His verse on this song single handedly represents for the Muslim American struggle and alienation that is felt by the Muslim community due to hate crimes and generalizations.




D12 – “Raw As It Gets,” featuring Lazarus

Year: 2016
Album: Devil’s Night mixtape

Best line: “These fakers enter, I’ll change your gender when I expose the bitch in you like Caitlyn Jenner, I’ll stay forever. Modern day warlord, Descendant of Genghis and his Mongolian horde…”




Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali of Hip-Hop!