New Interview: Azealia Banks Says She Loves Eminem & Compares Him to Kanye West



XXL  magazine has recently spoken to Azealia Banks about her upcoming projects, getting blackballed in the industry, her skin-bleaching controversy and and in one episode he talked about Eminem too:


“I feel like hip-hop kind of makes fun of itself a lot and leaves a lot of its good parts to kind of rot on the side…It turns into a huge fucking problem, because you see the culture and you see these great artists kind of die very early artistic deaths because they’re getting into the business of being the best impression of themselves. And that’s what’s happened to Kanye West, that’s what’s happened to JAY-Z, that’s what’s happened to a lot of rappers. That’s what’s happened to Nicki Minaj. Drake is doing his best impression of himself time and time again.


I love Eminem. Eminem gets it. When he doesn’t have anything to say, he doesn’t say anything at all. He doesn’t cloud the hip-hop music hemisphere, he doesn’t use his socioeconomic methods to cloud this sphere with himself just because he wants to kill whatever up next, popping thing is happening. You see Kanye do it all the time. He uses his socioeconomic leverage to latch on to some other young act when it’s like… you know, it doesn’t help culture go, because what you have is these same 10 faces at the front of every cultural movement. It’s not healthy.”


Read the full interview on XXL.


Azealia Banks and Eminem have a history.