Yesterday, HBO premiered the firs episode of The Defiant Ones documentary about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. But we already got the 4th episode that features Eminem. You can watch the full Eminem episode and read the script below:

“Back in those days, I didn’t have an artist to work with.  I would go to Jimmy’s house for listening sessions. He was trying to help me figure out where I was gonna go with my music. He would take me down to his garage. There was cassette tapes everywhere and I remember him picking up this cassette tape (Slim Shady EP), he pops in and I was like ‘what the f**k and who the f**k is this?’ rewind it! Play that again!” – Dr. Dre 

“I just wanted to be known as legitimate MC. And that’s all I could ever hoped for. Doing what I love to do to the ultimate goal. I remember I would just take different trips to anywhere I could just to make any kind of name, pass out my cassettes. I was just really down but I get all the way to Rap Olympics.” – Eminem 

“Okay fast forward to…Holy s**t I’m at Interscope office. Holy s**t this is Jimmy Iovine. Holy s**t Dr. Dre just walked in. Holy s**t I just s**t myself. I’m pissing myself now thinking about it. I’m pissing right now.” – Eminem 

“So Eminem comes in in this bright yellow f**king sweats suit, hoodie, pants, everything bright f**king yellow and I was like, WOW.” – Dr. Dre

“I’m looking at Dre like, dude I see you on TV all the time. You are one of my biggest influences ever in life.” – Eminem 

“Yo man I think this s**t is f**king incredible and I would love to work with you. And I had a studio in my house at that time and I want to do a couple of things and I invited him over. I was like, man I put this samples together and tell me if you like it and I hit it and maybe 2-3 seconds later he’s like ‘Hi, My Name Is, My Name Is’ and I was man STOP! S**t’s HOT! That’s what happened on the first day in the first few minutes of us being in the studio. So he starts singing his hook and I’m in love and all I said was ‘Okay I gotta go through my recording process’ – Dr. Dre 

“This is the greatest producers, I’m in his f**king house recording I don’t know s**t about. Nothing. I just wanted to make sure that every beat he played for me. I had the rhyme ready to go. I’m seeing the reactions from Dre. He’s laughing and he’s not discouraging me from pushing the button.” – Eminem 

“I’m blown the f**k away. It’s just one of those things that you know something special is happening. Sometimes as a producer you can feel that something magic is happening. It was f**king magic and I don’t wanted him to lose so I wanted to sign him as soon as possible. My gut told me that Eminem was the artist I’m supposed to be working with right now but I didn’t know how many racists I had around me.” – Dr. Dre

“Coming up at the scene as a battle rapper. I had been in the lots of moments where ‘like this big ending like this little’ because you know… everyone was telling Dre ‘don’t f**k with him'” – Eminem  

“Everybody around me were all against it. The records that they done at that time, they didn’t work. They wanted me out of building. And then I come up with Eminem. This white boy! My manger was like ‘Dree, this guy has blue eyes! what are you doing!” – Dr. Dre 

“We are not looking forward a white controversial rapper! We are looking for great rapper!” – Jimmy Iovine 

“I got back to Detroit and I remember just thinking this is probably not gonna happen for me. I had just got evicted from my house, with nowhere to live.” – Eminem 

“Both of us where in really bad situation and not only did we click the music we became friends and then I was like, okay, f**k it, I’m throwing the dice. I’m rolling with Eminem.” – Dr. Dre 

“I know he was taking a risk but I just didn’t know how much internal s**t he was fighting. I won him my life for that. ‘No bulls**t, I know you risked it all for me” – Eminem 

“After my first album came out. Dre was saying me thing like ‘you gotta work hard to get it and you gotta work twice as much to maintain it.” – Eminem

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with pure genius in the studio and when the Slim Shady LP came out I was so excited because it was something brand new and it worked. I’m getting that fresh new energy like I’m starting over.” – Dr. Dre

Watch Eminem episode below: