New Interview: Xzibit Reflects on Working with Dr. Dre and Eminem



X to the Z spoke with HipHopDX during the premiere of HBO’s “The Defiant Ones” about his unreleased work with Dr. Dre, hitting the studio with Eminem for the first time and his aspirations to level up in the film and television world.


“I don’t know how many unreleased songs I have with Dre. I’ve been recording with Dre since early 2000. Sometimes I go in and lay a verse. Sometimes I write something. Sometimes I lay a demo. I have no idea what he has but when it come out just be fucking ready. That’s what the deal is.”  


“I think the first time I actually worked with Eminem we were working on a Chronic album and he had just finished laying ‘Nowadays, everybody wanna talk like they got somethin’ to say but nothin’ comes out when they move their lips’ and we just kept listening to it back to back to back and it was just amazing time. My experience in music has been like a dream come true. It’s something I could not have imagined and the fact that it’s still happening is just testing me to the fact that loyalty is royalty and that’s why were are here tonight.” 


Listen to the interview below: