50 Cent sat down with Garrett Vogel to talk about the upcoming season of his hit show ‘Power’, why he doesn’t need an Emmy, and shows respect for Eminem:


“Eminem’s different. When you get older in your life, you need to find somebody that means that much. And then when Em came, he provided the opportunity for the music to take off. He influenced me at that point. Me having the largest debut hip hop album. I sold 13 million records, but he sold 22 million records on the Marshall Mathers LP. So I always had somebody to look at – a template – of something that was bigger than me that made me want to work harder.”


“It is weird but he always asks a favor, ‘yo I want you to do a song with me, can you do me a favor?’ and I’m like ‘I’m on your label right? [Of course] Yes I’ll do it.’ Eminem, He’s special.” 


Watch the new 50 Cent interview below from 2:50: