New Interview: Ice Cube Talks Possibility of Doing a Song with Eminem

Legendary Ice Cube joins Sway in the Morning on Eminem’s uncut radio channel Shade 45 to talk about the debut of his Big3 League and how it compares to the NBA. He gives his thoughts on new 2Pac movie and freestyles. He also gives his thoughts on the untimely passing of legendary Prodigy and the possibility of working with Eminem:

“It can happen anytime. I’m Eminem fan. Anytime is right. We can do that. There are no plans but I am  just a phone call away. I would love to do it. I am into it. We would love to make it happen. I think fans would love it.”

Fans really would like to see those two legends’ collaboration. It is unimaginable that those two have never collaborated, especially when Dr. Dre is associated with both.

Watch the full interview below, talking about Eminem starts from 24:25.

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