Archive Interview: Eminem Praises Kendrick Lamar & Talks About “Love Game”



About 4 years ago, Eminem participated in question and answer session mediated by his radio channel Shade 45. During the session, Eminem spoke about his “Love Game” collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, the only guest rapper on The Marshall Mathers LP 2.


“I got a chance to chop it up with Kendrick Lamar in Detroit. He’s a really cool dude, super humble and super cool. I liked him as a person. The fact that he’s on Aftermath, we’re on the same label, it just made sense. I’m super grateful that he did it. He killed it. I don’t think people would expect us to be on a record like this. I think it’s got a unique sound.”


“One of the things I told Kendrick when we got together was, I said, ‘I laid a couple of ideas down and I can play you some of them, but this one I’m geared towards more, because the other verses that I have laid are kind of rappity-rap. I have so much of that on my album. I feel like ‘Love Game’ might be a better direction to go, just conceptually.”


“One of the things that’s so great about his “Control” verse was he did it in a way that you really can’t get mad at him because that’s what every emcee should be thinking. At least every emcee that competitively raps and he does competitive rap. As an emcee, you should already be thinking that. So he only said what every other rapper’s already thinking. The fact that he had the balls to say it is what’s incredible to me.”


Happy 30th birthday Kendrick Lamar! Please support the artists and stream the song on apple music below:



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