Forbe’s Dan Schawbel  spoke to 50 Cent, who is the co-star and executive producer of the hit Starz TV drama Power, about Eminem’s influence on his entire career, how his early struggles growing up in Queens impacted his career decisions, how his near death experiences have changed his view of the world, why you have to have thick skin to make it in the music business and his best advice. Season four of Power is set to premiere on June 25, 2017.


Dan Schawbel: What influence has Eminem had on your career to date and who outside of the music industry do you most admire?


50 Cent: Eminem has had a huge influence on my career. It probably wouldn’t have went the way it went without him. He enabled a creative focus for me when I first came. He was selling 23 million records on Marshall Mathers LP when he decided that I was going to be the next big thing. When he brought my music to Dre, Dre listened to it and he was like ‘I’m with it, let’s do it’. Everyone hears what you are saying when you are selling that many records. He was at a peak point of his career pointing me out saying ‘him, he’s the next thing’. Then it gave me the attention from a major record label, it allowed me to have the right platform at just the right time. It allowed me the freedom to do as well as I did. There were so many things stacked against the project working and then when that happened it turned all the way around. Em… he is special.


I really like Samuel L. Jackson. My career was in music at the beginning for the most part and during that time I was watching him, and he was making a lot of films. I watched a lot of his stuff and got a chance to appreciate his work from a fans perspective because I wasn’t involved with it at that point. I mean he’s a Jackson, I’m a Jackson, Curtis Jackson, Fabolous is a Jackson, Ice Cube is a Jackson. Technically you know you are supposed to be successful when you are a Jackson. It’s just supposed to happen.


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