Joe Budden Mocks Rapper wifisfuneral’s Name | wifisfuneral Releases a Song with ’99 Eminem flow



Joe Budden and wifisfuneral found themselves engaged in some good ol’ fashioned Twitter beef, after Joe clowned the young rapper on his “Everyday Struggle” series. Without delving too deep into the back and forth, it would appear that Joe assumed wifi, as a member of rap’s new generation, was a little sloppy with the bars.


Wifisfuneral dropped some new heat, with the self-explanatory title “JoeBuddenProbablyThinksICantRap :(,” produced by Curtis Heron. The track is reminiscent of old school The Slim Shady LP Era Eminem, with shades of earlier Cage. The bars and flow are crazy, and somewhere out there, Joe Budden is bumping this with a smile of approval on his face. Listen to the song below: