Dj Whoo Kid Tells Untold Story on How Eminem Signed 50 Cent Even Though Dre Was Sketchy



In a recent interview for the 15th anniversary of 50 Cent’s 50 Cent is the Future, DJ Whoo Kid spoke with Mass Appeal about the storied mixtape. But readers got way more than the story of the precursor to Get Rich or Die Tryin. From detailing how he leaked verses from The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac and Eminem to explaining how he brought The Game alongside G-Unit, DJ Whoo Kid is a vault of Hip Hop history.


– Was 50 Cent Is The Future  50’s idea?


– “It was kind of like his idea cause’ he treated the mixtape as if it was drugs. He’s the drug dealer, he converted that whole system to the mixtape, and I was the distributor. He gave me the product and I had to go distribute it, literally every 8 weeks. We did G-Unit, I think the G-Unit Radio mixtapes went to 25. The first 5 was the classics. 50 Cent Is The Future actually got him his deal with Eminem cause Paul Rosenberg got the mixtape, gave it to Eminem, Eminem fell in love with it, begged Dr Dre to sign him. But Dr Dre was a little sketchy about dealing with 50 cause’ he just came from the shooting.”


“Dr Dre came from hell with Suge Knight and he was like “I’m in a nice, safe place right now. I don’t need to be dealing with another guy who just went through all the shootings. Now I have to deal with him?” “


“So Eminem was like “I’ll put him on my label and he’ll be my responsibility.” That’s why the whole Shady/Interscope thing got set up and put together because Eminem really took a big risk on 50. And you know Chris Lighty who was about to get black-balled in the industry, cause’ you know the Irv Gottis and all these guys. They were like, “You dealing with 50, then we’re not gonna fuck with you!” Cause you know Chris Lighty was managing so many artists that were like on the enemy side of whatever 50 Cent was doing. So he actually took a big risk.” 


“But all those mixtapes created fucked-up scenarios but when it got crazy was when we signed with Eminem. 50 Cent Is The Future got me my job, got us our deal, got us touring. It went from hood shows to stadiums literally overnight, cause we had to open up for Eminem. Then the Eminem fans and the Eminem market just saw us killing it, and everyone loved the 50 Cent Get Rich or Die Trying story anyway. So it was overkill. it was too much going on. It was overwhelming. That was only like 2% of what that tape did.”


In the next part of the interview, you will read how Dj Woo Kid became most wanted man in Detroit for stealing and leaking Eminem’s verse. Stay tuned!