Dj Who Kid Was Once Most Wanted Man in Detroit for Stealing & Leaking Eminem’s Verse



In a recent interview for the 15th anniversary of 50 Cent’s 50 Cent is the Future, DJ Whoo Kid spoke with Mass Appeal about the storied mixtape. But readers got way more than the story of the precursor to Get Rich or Die Tryin. From detailing how he leaked verses from The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac and Eminem to explaining how he brought The Game alongside G-Unit, DJ Whoo Kid is a vault of Hip Hop history.


“Once, I somehow infiltrated the label at Interscope and got an Eminem song. Meanwhile… You don’t do that, but I’m not stupid. I’m not gonna leak it without it coming out. I knew the date when the albums gonna drop so I’ll get it like a week before and I’ll get my Eminem look. But by the time the label figures it out, it’s out. But this time Green Lantern was Eminem’s DJ at that time. He’s another DJ that we all came from the same mixtape system. So Green Lantern was the king of having Eminem shit first. So I got in trouble for putting my list out. I never put my list out I don’t know why I put my list out, cause’ I wanted to start getting orders to sell. So they see Eminem number 1 on the list, they aint hear the song yet, but they gonna get it because it’s an Eminem song and they gotta have it a week before the album drops. So I got in trouble literally because I had a list, I didn’t even leak it yet. Now the title of the song was the title of the song but the worst part of it was that Eminem joint that he had out with D12. I cut D12 out cause’ I just wanted the Eminem part.”

“I wasn’t really like “fuck these guys” but I just wanted like Eminem, Jay Z, Nas. I would create… It was to a point where I would lie and recycle songs. I’d be like “Nas, the rebirth” but it’d be like…If I ain’t got no songs I’ll go through old shit and just rename the songs or chop the hooks out and trick people. So it’s no different than what I was doing with this Eminem shit. I just wanted people to think I had exclusive Eminem shit. But I thought that by the time that came out, I’m already on tour with 50, it would’ve been out, I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. Now Paul finds out…holy shit. I almost got fucking…cause this is why The Game thing is connected to the whole shit. Cause’ once Paul finds out, Jimmy Iovine comes into play now.”


“So that’s where Jimmy Iovine came into play. “Who is Whoo Kid?” and I already leaked the Eminem song so that put me on the radar with that, but that made him do more research on who I am.”

“He tried to call me forever, I never picked up. I was like “See ya” and hanging up like crazy. So I’m on the tour with 50 and I think Paul’s like “You gotta fire Whoo Kid now, he just leaked the Eminem song!” and 50’s like “What? Dumbass nigga, I’ll fuckin kill you man! Why’d you do that? That’s my boss, asshole” so I’m like looking crazy, I was like to this day I can’t believe that the loyalty was so cool with 50 cause’ he could’ve just got rid of me and got another DJ but I really…the loyalty to this day. I’m just bugged out that he kept me there. But I got banned from going to Detroit.


Like I couldn’t go perform at the arena show with Eminem because I leaked the song. So meanwhile, years later, Game gets signed finally. So The Game gets signed, now he’s G-Unit records. So me nad 50 are in L.A., we’re supposed to go to Hugh Hefner’s fuckin’ party, Playboy shit. STD pool or whatever. We were supposed to go there and hangout but we got there too early they didn’t even open the floodgates yet, so 50 said “Lets go across the street. My boy live over there” but this idiot don’t tell me Jimmy Iovine lives across the street from the Playboy shit. So Jimmy Iovine is looking for me for like a year, right?


So we walk in there and 50’s like “Whaddup man, I’m here. I got Whoo Kid” and all you hear is “Whoo Kid?” And I’m like “Yo, who’s house are we at?” and he’s like “This Jimmy Iovine’s” “Why didn’t you tell me we were at Jimmy Iovine’s house! Like are you fucking kidding me?” “What? He’s here? In my house? I’ve been trying to get this fucking guy forever” he had like a robe, he looked like Hugh Hefner. He came down in the robe like buttnaked or whatever. So he goes upstairs to change, he got these skinny ass jeans on, white men jeans. You know, millionaire white men jeans. Weird, it was mad tacky, whatever. So he’s like “Let me take you somewhere, let me show you somebody in the back” so he takes me to some guy in the back and it’s like this Texas looking motherfucker. He had a cowboy hat on, but I think he’s like the secret investor behind Interscope or whatever. He’s like an oil guy but he invests money… Ao the guy is talking like “You’re the guy we been looking for? We’ve been tryna find you for a long time!” I was like “What is going on right now?”


“You’re the Whoo Kid fella, we’ve been tryna find you.” And I was like “What are you talking about?” and Jimmy Iovine is like “Go get my son right now.” So Jimmy Iovine’s son comes down and films me from top to bottom. “Yo, when I die I want you to keep watching this guy. I want full…take it ID, his information” he said the only reason they calmed down is because I got The Game signed. He said I still owe him another artist or whatever, but The Game kind of like…The Game went platinum, I think like 2-3 times platinum? So me finding The Game and them signing him kind of like calmed down that one barely leaked Eminem…I didn’t even leak it! It was just on the list.”

“Just one record! I didn’t really really leak it, it’s that I got it from the label. You know, Paul got FBI, if you leak a song, you’re gonna get caught. So those days I used to make believe shit “Yeah we found it online” we used to create fake websites to put the song there. So if the artist catches, we’d be like “Nah. I found that on (inaudible).com but it’s a fake website me, Envy, Clue, we all made up. So if we get cornered we’d be like “Nah, we got it from this website” so we got away with mad murder at that time. There’s so many side stories of escape and almost getting killed.” 


Today Dj Whoo Kid is the host of The Whoolywood Shuffle on Sirius/XM Eminem’s Radio channel Shade 45.



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