On this day, exactly 7 years ago (June 5, 2010), Eminem released the music video of “Not Afraid,” the first single from Recovery.


Before filming began, Eminem spoke to his manager Paul Rosenberg on the telephone about his ideas for a music video of “Not Afraid”; the two shared thoughts and started collaborating in May 2010. Richard “Rich” Lee was hired to direct the video, which was shot on Market Street, in Newark, New Jersey as well as New York City.


On May 30, 2010, Eminem confirmed the video’s release date on Twitter:


The music video was uploaded on video website VEVO on June 5, 2010. VEVO stylized their logo with the E reversed, similar to Eminem’s logo. It won VEVO Certification award and as of June 2017, the music video has garnered over 966 million views on YouTube.


Music video of Not Afraid received generally positive reviews from critics. Monica Herrera of Billboard named Eminem’s jumping sequence “a moment of triumph” and compared his flying scene to Superman.




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