New Interview: B.o.B Names “The Eminem Show” As His Favorite Album Of Last 15 Years



To promote the release of his brand new album Ether, B.o.B took to Reddit for an AMA (ask me anything). Check what he said about Eminem below:


Fan 1: What is your favorite hip-hop album of the last 15 years?

B.o.B: Probably The Eminem Show.


Fan 2: What was the most influential moment in rap career so far? 

B.o.B: Performing for Jay Z and Eminem and realizing that everyone in the crowd had been listening to them for 10+ years.


Fan 3: For someone that it’s starting listening to hip-hop in a regular basis what albums do you think are essential to listen?

B.o.B: You definitely need to listen to a lot of Eminem’s first albums, DMX’s first albums, a lot of Lil Waynes (like Tha Carter 1), definitely gotta listen to Kendrick, and the Elements project in totality.


You can check the full reddit session of B.o.B here.