To promote the release of his brand new album Ether, B.o.B took to Reddit for an AMA (ask me anything). Check what he said about Eminem below:


Fan 1: What is your favorite hip-hop album of the last 15 years?

B.o.B: Probably The Eminem Show.


Fan 2: What was the most influential moment in rap career so far? 

B.o.B: Performing for Jay Z and Eminem and realizing that everyone in the crowd had been listening to them for 10+ years.


Fan 3: For someone that it’s starting listening to hip-hop in a regular basis what albums do you think are essential to listen?

B.o.B: You definitely need to listen to a lot of Eminem’s first albums, DMX’s first albums, a lot of Lil Waynes (like Tha Carter 1), definitely gotta listen to Kendrick, and the Elements project in totality.


You can check the full reddit session of B.o.B here.