Joe Budden: “Eminem has 2 bad albums but he’s still GOAT”



A couple of days back, Joe Budden and Akademiks were discussing which GOAT contender had the most bad albums. Joe immediately said he had an answer, but wouldn’t say who it was. “Ya’ll don’t pay me enough to say it,” said Joey. Akademiks was having none of it, immediately firing back with “Eminem? that’s what you’re tryin’ to say?”


“No,” replies Joey, with a coy look on his face. The glance all but confirms it for Ak, who takes the Eminem answer as fact. Joe, however, does proceed to defend Em’s honor:


“That’s a fast growing myth. How many bad albums does Eminem have? Two? Two!”


Akademiks is unconvinced. “For someone considered the GOAT, isn’t that too much?” Joey responds with an exasperated “shut up. He’s a fuckin’ recovering addict, you know how many drugs the nigga has done?…Nigga’s on every drug in the world, and ya’ll are like ‘I hate this body of work’…shut the fuck up!”


Watch the interview below: