Archive Song: Rittz – “LAF” ft. YelaWolf, Royce 5’9″ & Kxng Crooked [2015]



“LAF (Remix),” featuring three Shady Records artist: Yelawolf, Royce and Kxng Crooked, released in 2015, is the official remix of the song “LAF” off of Rittz’s sophomore album Next to Nothing.


In the song, Royce throws jab at Kanye West: “You niggas nowadays are probably waiting in line all day, just to get advanced a shoe, cause they was made by Kanye, you put them on, Get a glance or two, then you go home and your daughter say,”How Sway?” But you ain’t got the answers, foo’,the shit is too pathetic.”


Crooked referenced Eminem with the following line: “Talking bout the Illuminati like “Doesn’t it exist?” and didn’t Eminem become a puppet for the government in this country, once he’s start coming with the hits? I ain’t fucking with them Rittz.” 


Listen to a song below. Hard to say who killed it, huh?!