New Interview – Taylor Momsen: “Eminem’s amazing, a genius in his own right.”



Taylor Momsen has shot down as untrue a rumor that she is working with Eminem on his upcoming album.


Reports of a collaboration between the THE PRETTY RECKLESS singer and the Rap God first surfaced earlier this month, with no credible source cited to corroborate the information.


Asked by Meltdown of the WRIF radio station in Detroit, Michigan if there is any validity to the rumor that she is making music with Eminem, Taylor said: “I keep hearing that rumor. It’s not true, as far as I now, but I am a fan of his.”


Pressed on whether she would work with the the Em if she was approached about it, Momsen said: “If the circumstance and the song was… If it was natural and organic and worked out in an actual artistic way, then yeah, sure.”


After that, the frontwoman went on to call Eminem “amazing” and “a genius in his own right.” Listen to the interview below: