New Interview: Ashley Tisdale Talks About Her Dream to Marry Eminem as a Teenager



Yesterday, High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale did Question & Answer session on YouTube where she talked about her dream to marry Eminem. Ashley also says that Eminem’s songs are her favorite music when working out.


“I’ve never shared this to anyone but I love to work out on Eminem’s music. When I was growing up Eminem was my favorite person ever. I thought I was gonna marry him. No joke. I even had a dream that I did marry him and I was like his daughter’s step-mom [laughs]. I told that Chris (her husband) already. I still love listening to Eminem music, especially when I work-out. It just hypes me up. Old school Eminem is so so good. 8 Mile is such a good movie.”  Watch the interview below:



Watch full interview here.