5 Artists Eminem Should Collaborate with on New Album



50 Cent

Longtime friends, the two have collaborated together on several tracks, including “Crack a Bottle” (also featuring Dr. Dre) and “Psycho,” and they even went so far as to create superhero alter-egos called Gatman and Robbin’. They haven’t released a track together since 50 Cent featured Em and Adam Levine on “My Life” in 2012, and it’s about time they did.



Dr. Dre

As the producer who helped bring the relatively unknown Detroit rapper into the spotlight, it’d be fitting if they teamed up yet again for a new track. Both have grown in big ways since their 2015 collaboration “Medicine Man” off Dre’s album Compton, and it’s time to deliver up something big for the new year. They’ve unleashed their sharp tongues before and the present is ripe for skewering.



Imagine Dragons

Mixing rap with rock yields a potent product, and since Imagine Dragons have already collaborated with Kendrick Lamar (a rapper Eminem greatly admires), it seems fitting they could partner with Eminem on a track. Between the band’s rhythmic sensibilities, lead singer Dan Reynolds’ vocals and Em’s verses, this partnership would be unstoppable.


Vince Staples

Staples made a big name for himself between his 2015 and 2016 releases, Summertime ’06 and Prima Donna, and would be an ideal fit for Eminem’s new album. Eminem likes to put newer rappers through their paces to prove themselves, so it seems fairly certain he’d challenge Staples in some way before working with him, but if his track “Love Game” with Kendrick Lamar was any indication, he and Staples would be a surefire hit together.



Lana Del Rey

Besides working with other rappers, Eminem has teamed up with singers in the past–like Rihanna, Sia and Dido–for moody and powerful tracks that oscillate between rap’s spoken meter and pop/R&B’s soulful performance. With her woozy voice and devil-may-care attitude, Del Rey could make for an interesting pairing with the outspoken rapper. Both would hold their own against the other and create something memorable.



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