French Pastry Chef Created a Chocolate Showpiece Dedicated to Eminem



No, this three foot tall chocolate showpiece isn’t made of M&M’s, but it is dedicated to the one and only Eminem and it looks delicious as hell.


Who is the mastermind behind this Eminem-inspired tower of chocolate? That would be pastry chef and diehard Eminem fan, Guillaume Carbonnot of Troyes, France. The 27-year-old chef told Metro Times that he has been a fan of Slim Shady since he was 13 or 14 and his music always gives him some motivation:


“I want to be the first to introduce hip hop into French pastry. It’s my two passions! In the future I would like to open a pastry shop combining hip hop culture and pastry.”


The showpiece features a huge sound system with molds of Eminem’s (angry) face plastered on the size. From there, you get the backwards “E,” written Eminem songs on it: “Lose Yourself,” “The Way I Am,” “My Name Is,” “Not Afraid,” ‘Berzerk,” “Till I Collapse,” “Bad Guy,” “Stan,” “Sing For The Moment” and “When I’m Gone.”  a ghetto-blaster, and a giant microphone. And yes, it’s all edible. Check the pictures below:






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