New Interview: Big Sean Talks About Eminem’s Verse on “No Favors”



In a new interview with Gigwise, Big Sean talked about Eminem’s verse on “No Favors,” off his recently released album I Decided. 


Interviewer: The response to Eminem’s verse on ‘No Favours’ has been very hot and cold. It’s like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Why do you think that is?


Big Sean: I don’t know, I thought the verse was super fire. Everybody has an opinion. I didn’t do it to try and please peoples I did it because I thought it was hard and because I liked it. Plus I think he said some stuff that was really necessary to say and things that I didn’t necessarily get across on the song that I felt added to it. See that’s my point of doing features, I only recruit for features when I feel like they’re really going to add to the song, or they’re going to do something that I’m not. That’s exactly what Eminem did. I mean Eminem is Eminem, man. I feel like he brought a crazy verse to that song. I feel honored.


Interviewer: Did you have second thoughts about featuring the verse as it doesn’t really relate to what you’re talking about on the rest of the record?


Big Sean: Hell no I didn’t have no second thoughts, I thought it was super tight. I thought it was hard man and I think it fit the song pretty good. I thought it was a moment within the song where you listen in, grab yourself some popcorn and you’re just like, “What? He said what? He said this?”


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