Boxer Oscar De La Hoya Shares Rare Eminem Boxing Story, Offers Charity Match



During a recent appearance on DJ Whoo Kid‘s Shade 45 radio show, Legendary Boxer Oscar De La Hoya revealed that his former trainer, the late Emmanuel Steward, once trained Eminem. Steward showed De La Hoya a video of Em’s training session, and the renowned fighter walked away impressed with Em’s talent.


“Man, Eminem has some moves. He looked really good actually. With a lot of power.” De La Hoya then joked that maybe he and ‘Em could have a charity boxing match. DJ Whoo Kid quipped that he didn’t want a match between Em and De La Hoya to turn out like the now-canceled celebrity boxing match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. De La Hoya responded by simply reaffirming his claim that unlike them ‘Em actually has what it takes to step into the ring. Watch the interview below from 3:38. There is also a video of Eminem, training in boxing: