Extremely Rare: D12 – “Detroit, What?!” (Promo Snippet Tape, 2000)



“Detroit, What?” is a promotional tape for D12’s first studio album Devil’s Night. It was only released on cassette in 2000 and is hence extremely rare to come across an authentic copy. You may find it on eBay. Check the tracklist and listen to the best quality of tape below:



1. Intro (skit)
2. Under The Influence
3. Gay Health Club (Skit)
4. Bizarre Freestyle
5. Proof Freestyle
6. Fuckin’ Yo Mama (Skit)
7. Swift Freestyle
8. Where My Kids At? (Skit)
9. Kuniva Freestyle
10. Mama?! (Skit)
11. Kon Artis Freestyle
12. Shit On You
13. 711 (Skit)



Shouts out to AllMathers YouTube channel.