XXL Lists “20 of the Best Eminem Songs”



Surviving 20 years in the rap game and retaining the same level of skill you possessed at the outset of your career is a tall order and the sign of an artist that takes their craft seriously, and Eminem is in that rare class of MC.


Despite his freestyle and battle skills ranking among the best rap fans have witnessed, Eminem is also one of the greatest songwriters to emerge in hip-hop, with a laundry list of classic singles and deep cuts on his resume. While many artists can rely on singers, other rappers or vocal samples to complement their verses, Em usually goes for solo, constructing a song from top to bottom — hook and chorus included.


After taking a dive into his discography — from albums like The Slim Shady LP to The Eminem Show and more — and making a few tough decisions, below are some of the 20 definitive Eminem songs he’s released to date by XXL magazine.


20. “My Name Is”

19. “Guilty Conscience,” ft. Dr. Dre

18. “Role Model”

17. “The Real Slim Shady”

16. “The Way I Am”

15. “Stan,” ft. Dido

14. “Kim”

13. “Without Me”

12. “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”

11. “Sing For The Moment”

10. “Till I Collapse,” ft. Nate Dogg

9. “Superman”

8. “White America”

7. “Like Toy Soldiers”

6. “Bagpipes From Baghdad”

5. “Love The Way You Lie,” ft. Rihanna

4. “Not Afraid”

3. “Drug Ballad”

2. “Mockingbird”

1. “Lose Yourself”