Stat Quo Reveals the Reason Eminem Didn’t Release “Statlanta”



Stat, whose real name is Stanley Benton, stopped by #DXLive last Thursday to share some stories about the old days working with Dre and Eminem, including most recently, and most recently what he thought of Dr. Dre’s Gold-certified Compton album.

“Shit was wack. I love Dre to death but Compton was wack. This how this shit work is how music goes, this is how you know your shit is good. 2-3 months after it come out. It’s not that it wasn’t put together quality wise, it’s not that it wasn’t quality beats and shit like that, it just didn’t capture the attention of the world. The only reason it got where it was was because the movie was so phenomenal. And that’s no diss. People think if you don’t like something you’re dissing it. I love Dre. He’s my everything. I helped him with the project but that don’t mean it’s the shit just cause I helped, you know what I’m saying, WE fucked up!”


As for why his own album Statlanta never came out on Shady/Aftermath Stat places the blame squarely on himself.

“My album would have came out but I fucked up. There was a song called ‘Dance On It’. Em wrote the chorus and Em wanted me to say the chorus. I thought it was not good. If I would have said, ‘Yeah, that’s it! That’s the one we going with!’ I would’ve got my album out. But I tried to be on some ‘Nah, I don’t like that; that ain’t a hit.’ I was really arguing with the top-selling rapper of all-time on what a fuckin’ hit was. What a dummy idiot I was!. My exact quote was: ‘I’ll put it out if you stay on the hook’ and then I said, ‘Give me a million dollars and I’ll put it out.’ And when I said that, me and Eminem went like this divides hands. It was a wrap! He was mad as shit! And Dre was like, ‘Yo, you made him mad.’ And then like the next day, I like apologized with tears in my eyes. Because I’m watching my fuckin’ career go down the drain.”


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