Jamie Lee Curtis Responds Eminem’s Diss on “No Favors”



In 2000, Jamie Lee Curtis has banned Eminem from her house because his lyrics are “unsuitable” for her kids. The actress strictly regulates what Annie, 13, and Tom, four, are allowed to view or listen to, and so far this year video gamestation Nintendo, the Slim Shady star’s latest album, and horror movies have been banned from their home – and even internet use is closely controlled. She says:

“I don’t think it’s the government’s responsibility to regulate what’s made, it’s the parents’ responsibility to regulate what a child sees or does. We took Nintendo out when we realised Tom was up to level five on Star Fox. I made the decision to take the Eminem album out of the house after I listened to the whole thing… I have chosen not to let my daughter have the internet in her room – if she wants to go online, she has to come downstairs into a common room so my husband and I can see what she’s doing.” Former scream queen Jamie, who is the daughter of Janet Leigh, says, “Is my daughter allowed to see horror movies? Absolutely not.”


In a recently released song “No Favors,” by Big Sean, Eminem raps:

“They blame me for murdering Jamie Lee Curtis / Said I put her face in the furnace, beat her with a space heater / A piece of furniture, egg beater, thermos.”


Jamie responded on Twitter: