In a New Interview Nick Cannon Says Eminem Apologized for ‘all the harsh things he said’

In a new interview with AllHipHop, Nick Cannon talked about Eminem and their beef in the past.

“As a man I felt like he personally attacked me and my family… He said real reckless loose stuff about me and my wife. I obviously know I can never out-rap Eminem, I’m a fan, I think he’s one of the greatest but but I felt like as a man [I had to stand up] but then I was like, cool, he has prevail and as I fan I wanted to see do it in action and I offered him to come on the show ‘Wild ‘N Out’. Of course he gonna smoke me. It’s gonna be like a comedy format. I’m a fan man, I love that dude’s artistry… I don’t think he was used to people coming back at him. I was probably the only person in hip-hop who was like ‘oh he talks s**t? I can talk s**t to’ I thin one of his lines were like ‘I had no idea Nick Cannon was gonna wild out on me. He actually did apologize about all he said so I salute that. I let that go long time ago. I hope to ran into that dude one day and would love to work with him and just laugh about it now…We can do a slap box contest. That’s one of the sings we can joke and have fan with it. There is no ill-will, no bad-blood, no hard-feelings. Especially at this point because I felt like he did come up and apologized for all the harsh things he said. On [“The Warning”] he went in. He was crazy on it and I was like ‘how the hell I can out rap that?! nobody’s gonna want to hear my bars'”

Watch the full interview below: