Joe Budden Says Slaughterhouse Album “never coming”

Joe Budden releases 98th episode of I’ll Name This Podcast Later where he discussed Slaughterhouse album. Joe says:

“Me and Roy were listening to the new f**king Detox album, which is the Slaughterhouse album (sarcastically) cause that album’s gonna never see the light. Hey, breaking news, to all you people who keep updated on music, here it is, that Slaughterhouse project you are not getting it. Sorry. Unfortunately the best Joell Ortiz verse that I ever heard in my entire life is on this album that you all never gonna hear. That’s f**ked up…The entire group was in such a dark space when we recorded all that music. It’s a very dark, depressing. I don’t wanna hear any that s**t. I don’t even rap like this. I don’t wanna rap like that. We would have to record all new verses to put that project out.”

Listen to the podcast below: