‘Genius’ Reveals Most Viewed Artists, Albums, Songs & Lyrics in the First Month of 2017



Each day, millions of music fans go to “Genius” to read lyrics and learn about their favorite artists. In 2016, Genius song pages were viewed over 1 billion times. In 2017, they’ll be crunching numbers and compiling the Month In Lyrics on the first of every month.


The data is broken down into the following categories each month: Top Artists, Top Songs, Top Lyrics, and Top Albums. Check the list below:


Top Artists

1. Migos (4,607,800 views)

2. Lin-Manuel Miranda (3,666,831 views)

3. The Weeknd (3,663,947 views)

4. Drake (3,620,069 views)

5. J. Cole (3,303,392 views)

6. Ed Sheeran (2,291,219 views)

7. Kanye West (2,284,558 views)

8. Eminem (1,695,099 views)

9. Travis Scott (1,596,679 views)

10. Tory Lanez (1,557,915 views)


Eminem’s line “I’m beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God” from the song “Rap God (2013)” is #9 most viewed lyrics in 2017. All the songs in Top 10 were released in 2016 and 2017 only the “Rap God” was released more than 3 years ago and still makes it into the Top 10!


Eminem didn’t make into Most Viewed Albums and Most Viewed Songs’ lists, simply because he have not released anything yet. For the record, Eminem’s “Rap God” still remains as the most viewed song on Genius with almost 9 Million views!


Check the full list of Top Music in January 2017 on Genius.