Big Sean: “Eminem told me that I’m one of the most dangerous MCs'”



Big Sean will release his new album, ‘I Decided,’ on Friday. The rapper discusses his highly anticipated song with Eminem, ‘No Favors,’ and why he wanted to reunite with the hip-hop legend after their 2014 collaboration ‘Detroit vs. Everybody.’ Sean says:


“Last concert I did Eminem came out too. He’s supportive. He’s been shown love…I took that shot, I know he doesn’t really do features a lot. I remember how he was like ‘I really wanna be a part of your album’ and he was really honest and couple of weeks later, at the end of the album, we get the verse and it was just perfect timing. I remember one of the things he said ‘man you are one of the most dangerous emcees, I got so much respect for you, you know I don’t do a lot of features and I appreciate that you put me on it’ and I was like ‘phewwwww'”


Watch the full interview below: