Big Sean Visits Eminem’s Radio Channel to Discuss “No Favors”

Big Sean sat down with Shade 45’s First Play host, Gray Rizzy and discusses ‘No Favors’ featuring the boss, Eminem! Sean says:

“‘Em was like ‘Yo I love this song, I wanna do it’ but he didn’t know if he had time to do [the verse] because I need it really soon. I thought he was just trying to be cool but he is the real one man, couple of weeks later I got hit up again they sent the verse and I was f**king trippy. I was going crazy. It’s like a return of Eminem cause you know he has not put out an album for a while. The energy was so live and crazy… Every time he comes out it’s the most biggest major thing ever. He’s top a rapper as far as changing the game, numbers, nobody does it like Eminem.” 

Listen to the full interview below: