Bebe Rexha: “I had no choice, I had to give the chorus to Eminem, I was broke”



The 27-year-old, widely tipped to be one of the biggest new stars of the year 2016, wrote The Monster in 2010 – but was asked to hand it over to Eminem with Rihanna replacing her vocals. During today’s Facebook live chat with The Sun’s Bizarre Editor Dan Wootton, she says:


“The Monster’ opens so many door for me. By that time (2010) I didn’t have the record deal. I played that song for record deals and they were like ‘monsters in my bed and the voices in my head?! You are right nobody’s gonna listen to that. That sounds like a flop to us’. At that time I had no choice but to give that song away, because I had no money, no record deal… I’ve never spoken to Eminem, that’s the way music business works. It’s very interesting. It would be amazing [If I get the chance to be on a song with Eminem]. I have a lot of respect to Eminem and Rihanna. Because I feel like they are both very real in their music. Even though it’s popular music. Rihanna still remains that Caribbean girl, she still brings the swag and unapologeticness and I respect that, same with Eminem. He talks about everything in his music and I think that’s what I strive for.”  


Listen to the full interview below: