Swifty Recalls When Suge Knight Crashed 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” Shoot, Looking for Eminem and Dre



In a newly released interview with the Murder Master Music Show, D12’st Swifty McVay recalled Suge Knight pulling a move at the video shoot for 50 Cent’s 2003 song, “In Da Club.”He explained that Suge and crew showed up on set trying to intimidate people because of 50 Cent and Eminem’s ties to Dr. Dre.


“We was at the ‘In Da Club’ video shoot. And we was all outside the trailers. And Suge Knight and his people came to the video shoot trying to intimidate everybody. And we looking like ‘Man, we from Detroit. We ain’t in this mess.’ So, we ain’t running or running to no trailer. ‘Cause they ain’t trying to see or say nothing to us. But us being in the mix of things, it just felt crazy.”


“You ain’t got no business trying to come and run us nowhere, so we ain’t moving. We have been in that type of situation where we felt like that. We was just worried about my mans. Em ain’t have nothing to do with what was going on out there. Em was pretty much guilty through association. Dr. Dre inherited this beef from Suge and all that. And here comes Em being with Dre. So, he kinda got pulled in it by default.”


Watch Swifty McVay speaking on what went down during the “In Da Club” video shoot below:



Watch the behind the scenes video below: