Archive Song: Eminem – “The Apple”



“The Apple” by Eminem appeared on the 2011 compilation of leaked songs, Straight From The Vault Pt.2.


Em’s fed up of family members telling their side of the story, in this song he needs to let his story out. He raps:

“To this day, why my mother still tries to show me
Some old fake pictures
Of a fictitious little sister who never existed
And this is why part of my life’s so twisted
But I can never be as sick as that bitch is
And by the way, that pictures one of my relatives.”


Apparently, his mother was so psychotic that she made up a fake sister of his who died falling out of a window when Em’ was a baby. The picture was probably not of his half-sister Sarah, since “relative” is an unlikely term to designate a sister.


Listen to the song below: