Archive Song: Eminem – “Fly Away” ft. Just Blaze (2011)


“Fly Away,” featuring Just Blaze on the hook is leftover track from Eminem’s Recovery album which got leaked in February, 2011.


In a song, Eminem raps:

“It goes one for the money, two for the show
My shit don’t stink, I don’t think so..”


Em is saying that he’s rapping for the passion of hip-hop than just money and fame. He cares little about money, and more about hip-hop. It is a reference to Elvis Presley’s ” Blue Suede Shoes.”


“They say he died in a fatal car crash, shows what they know
Shit if I did, it’d be a trailer not a car
The white trash star, I fuck an RV-up like Brett Favre.”


By that time, there was a strong rumor spreading around the internet that Em died in a car accident. But, of course, it wasn’t true.


Listen to the song below: