Archive Song: Big Proof – “Kurt Kobain”



In this song, called “Kurt Kobain,” off Searching for Jerry Garcia (2005), Proof writes a fictional suicide letter. The theme of suicide is evident on the album ‘Searching for Jerry Garcia’ also in the song ‘Jump Biatch’.


There is a dead celebrity theme on the album as well. Jerry Garcia, along with that Jump Biatch was originally called Eric Clapton Jr. Hence why this song is named after Kurt Cobain who committed suicide in 1994. Although Proof thought his death was suspicious and was uncertain it was suicide.


The producer of the song talked about the song in Complex interview:


“That’s definitely the most special record I’ve ever done and will ever do. It’s Proof saying goodbye to the world. It’s a really heavy song. The day that we did it, we were driving around in his car listening to my beats, and we kept listening to that one over and over and we were going to see his uncle who was on his death bed. I went to the hospital with him to see his uncle. Like I said, when you went to Detroit to see Proof, you were with Proof.” – Emile (Producer)


“The song that Proof wrote that he speaks to his dad on, that’s kind of a goodbye letter, the music [from the sample] was written and produced by his dad. We had no fucking idea. This was a total coincidence. Only in hip hop would something like this happen. Like I said, it’s the most special record I’ve ever done and will ever do.” – Emile


In a song, Proof raps:


“Em, I love you; don’t let this money change us, dawg
I’d die for Em and save Hailie, brave maybe
But just let them tears roll off my grave, Shady
Kuniva and Swift, how live does it get?
I meant to teach y’all niggas to survive in this bitch
If we die to be rich, that makes me happy
And on another note, shit, don’t hate me, Pappy
It’s just that we look the same; you let the game take you
Your son came along and took the game
Since I took my own life, y’all feel a killer for sho’
Bizarre, on the real, you the realest nigga I know
Strapping and busting ain’t real, just tell your mans the truth
And that’s why you’ve always been friends with Proof
Answer to all, I’ve always lied with truth
And before I pull the trigger, Denaun, I’m proud of you.”


Listen to the song below: