Archive Song: Eminem – “2.0 Boys” ft. Slaughterhouse & YelaWolf



Today, 6 years ago, in 2011, Eminem officially signed Slaughterhouse and YelaWolf to Shady Records, starting the new era with “Shady Records 2.0”


“2.0 Boys” is the first and the only song Eminem, YelaWolf and Slaughterhouse are all together (If we don’t count the chypers and “Psychopath Killer” where Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden were missing). The song was leaked in around 2011.


In a song Eminem raps:

“We came to monopolize the game, illuminati is here,

Yeah, human oddities, at odds with us, your squad’s gotta be

Cause we started out cold in a snowball, we froze…”


Eminem said ‘Illuminati’ not ‘killuminati ’. The line is a METAPHOR! As we all are aware that the Illuminati are a surreptitious fraternity wherein they take control and possess many assets and commodities. Analogously, slaughterhouse, yelawolf and Eminem are going to do the same but with the Rap Game. Also he declares “Human oddities” distinguishing them being insanely dexterous rappers, at ODDS with the Illuminati, which manifest they are in vigorous opposition with them, and not at all in an affiliation with them.


Listen to the song below: