Archive Song: Slaughterhouse – “Monsters In My Head”



“Monsters In My Head,” is actually Kxng Crooked’s song, featuring the rest of Slaughterhouse, off Crooked’s mixtape called Psalm 82:6 (2012), produced by Boi-1da and the hook by Colin Munroe. In the song, the Slaughters are rapping about schizophrenia and paranoia, which can make you hear voice inside your head.


“I’m sinking deep into hell, thinkin’ I’m fiendin’ for freedom ‘cause being in a well isn’t good for my well being” – Kxng Crooked


“I always see ‘em out the corner of my eye, Scared to death to fully see ‘em but I try, I just wanna ask ‘em why they follow me around and they reply when I hear a sound or they walk by and give me a chill I can’t explain.” – Joell Ortiz


“I’m on my high snortin’, You see this monster ball is like seeing Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton.” – Royce Da 5’9″


“Maybe the only thing I seek is biblical, The scars are internal and the bleeding is invisible, Got a friend named depression, a pill I take to relax him.”  – Joe Budden


Listen to the song below: