New Interview – Juicy J: “My dream collaboration is working with Eminem. He’s a legend.”

MERRY JANE asked Juicy a few questions about his career, the sticky icky and music in general, he also talked about Eminem:

Interviewer: Who has been your favorite artist to work with? What is your dream collaboration?

Juicy J: “I have worked with some incredible artists, so I can’t pick just one.  Working with Wiz is always special.  My dream collaboration is working with Eminem.  He’s a legend.”

Back in September, 2016, Juicy J talked about Eminem with Dj Whoo Kid:

“I wanna do a record with Eminem. That would be a dream come true. Eminem is that legend. He’s the man. Can you call Paul Rosenberg right now? Can you make it happen right now?! Please man! [laughs]. If Eminem and Juicy do a record together, I think that would be some hot s**t, cause I would like to go in and produce the beat. Like an old Three 6 Mafia style beat and we just do some s**t over something like that, some ’90s s**t. I think that would be classic.”

Watch the interview below: