Archive Song: Dr. Dre – “Die Hard” ft. Eminem



“Die Hard,”  featuring Eminem, is a release from Dr. Dre’s elusive album Detox, which has been in the works, since mentioned in 2002 by Dre in an interview, more can be found here. The song premiered on the final episode of “Fight Camp 360º: Pacquio vs. Mosley” in 2011.


In this unfinished song, Eminem does only the hook but it was rumored that he also has “long-ass-sick-verse.” In the song Em sings:


“I sit into the wee hours of the night
And we don’t stop until the sunlight
We just keep going cause the die hard
Won’t go down without a fight.”


Wee hours – the hours in the middle of the night (Anything after midnight is acceptable). Here Eminem raps about how him and Dr. Dre are constantly working on Detox, although they personally both have struggles and certain barriers. They won’t stop because the “die hard”, won’t go down without a fight, they won’t quit or lose without at least trying to do their best. Obviously references the movie Die Hard. You can watch the song premiere and listen to the leak below: