Archive Live: Eminem Makes Surprise Appearance at BET Awards 2006



“Touch It (Remix 2)” is a live remix of one of Busta Rhymes’ most popular songs on the album “The Big Bang.”
It was performed live on BET on June 27th of 2006. In this, Busta Rhymes collaborated with Mary J. Blige, Rah Digga, Missy Eliott, Lloyd Banks, Papoose, DMX and Eminem (Much to the audience’s surprise). The track contains samples from the popular song, “Technologic” by Daft Punk.


It was rumored that Eminem decided to appear on the stage thirty minutes before the performance and he wrote the verse minutes before the entrance.


In a song Eminem raps: “And I’m screamin’ on the wrong part of the song.” On the solo LP version of “Touch It”, Busta establishes a simple rule: alternating loud and soft vocals, marked by the beat changes and “turn it up!” and “get low” adlibs, respectively. Busta sticks to this formula pretty closely in all his verses, but most of the featured artists on the various remixes don’t. Em however understands the rule, and puts a Shady twist on it by rapping loudly over the soft sections of the beat and vice versa. Watch the live performance below:


After Big Proof Eminem disappear from the light and this performance was one of his come back live. Watch it below (Only Eminem’s part):


Watch full live below: