Archive Song: Eminem – “All She Wrote” (Solo Version)



“All She Wrote” was leaked around 2010. The solo version of the song is an officially remixed version of the song “That’s All She Wrote” by T.I. and Eminem. The original version can be found by listening to T.I.’s album “No Mercy.” This version is Eminem’s hook and verses from the original and an unreleased verse mixed together with the outro by T.I. from the original song still in place.


In the song, Eminem raps:

“I’m on my straight grizzly,

so why would I buy you a gay ass teddy bear?

Bitch, you’re already bi-polar…”


Eminem uses three types of bears along mentioning three sexual orientations – straight, gay and bi. Quite interesting scheme, right? Listen to the song below:




You can also listen to the official song with T.I. on Apple Music below: