James Cosmo: “One of the things that I’ll miss is listening to Eminem”



CLydebank-born actor James Cosmo is adding an unusual touch of name recognition to Celebrity Big Brother this year.


The 68-year-old Game of Thrones and Braveheart actor travelled south of the wall to join the Channel Five programme on Tuesday night.


Betting bosses give him a 8/1 chance of being the overall winner, sitting in the middle of the pack of 14 people with Calum Best currently on top at 6/1, reports the Clydebanl Post.


James, who summed himself up for the show as “contrarian, autodidact and fat”, will be on the big screen this month as well with a reported reprisal of his role as Mr Renton in Trainspotting 2.


As he entered the Big Brother house, he said: “I wouldn’t say I’m scared about going into the house. One of the things that I’ll miss is listening to Eminem.”

”I’m in here for an experience, I hope I’m going to enjoy it and that’s it. Game, set, match and nothing else.”


He asserted: “There are not many people I could not live with for even a short period of time.”


Other CBB contestants alongside Best and James include Ray J, known for making a sex tape with Kim Kardashian, American reality TV star Speidi, and Jasmine Waltz.