John Garabedian: “The night I met Eminem, he had mat and was practicing yoga”



After throwing a House Party every Saturday night for the past 30 years, John Garabedian is ready to hang it up. The longtime Boston radio guy and host of the syndicated Open House Party that, in its heyday, was carried on 175 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada, will throw his last bash at the end of January.


In the 30 years he’s been throwing his parties, Garabedian has interviewed nearly every major recording artist in the business, and even met Eminem backstage at the Roseland in New York. Garbedian says:


“The night I met Eminem backstage at the Roseland in New York, Donald Trump was there in a long trench coat. He had a beautiful honey with him. He was star-mingling. Eminem, he’s like 5-foot-3. You think he’s going to be angry and come out with a knife or something. But he had a mat and was practicing yoga. That was a surprise.”


You can read the full interview on Boston Herald here.