HipHopDX Names YelaWolf’s “H.O.T.E.L.” One of the Worst Rap Albums in 2016



HipHopDX Reports: The shelf lives of albums get shorter with each passing year — which is why a listener’s time is more valuable than ever. It’s too bad not every artist subscribes to this belief.


Whether it was overhyped marketing, not enough streamlining in the studio or just a flat-out lack of talent, these following projects just didn’t cut it for us. The list includes the likes of Drake, Future, The Lox, Gucci Mane and surprisingly YelaWolf. Here is what DX has to say about YelaWolf’s latest release H.O.T.E.L.: 


Before Michael Wayne Atha had a “moment of clarity,” Yelawolf totally checked out lyrically and released a dud in a supposed comeback project. If this was an actual hotel, it would have a chalk body outline in the middle of the room, a phone that doesn’t dial out and a roach as a doorman.


You can check the full list of The Worst Rap Albums of 2016 here. Listen to the album (mixtape) below: