New Interview: Kxng Crooked Talks About Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Donald Trump & More



Slaughterhouse’s KXNG Crooked, may have dropped, arguably, this year’s most important Hip-Hop album, the incendiary and unapologetic Good vs. Evil. Crooked’s poignant 14-track, third studio collection also features high profile cameo appearances from the likes of Eminem, Tech N9ne, Just Blaze, Xzibit and RZA…


Parlé Magazine recently caught up with Kxng Crooked in order to discuss this latest tour de force, as well as all things KXNG T’CHALLA; past, present and future…


Kxng Crooked On Defining Career Moment: Ah, man, yeah a couple, man… Hip Hop Weekly I felt like I was trailblazing a new way to market yourself online by doing the freestyle series. I mean, it’s been a couple… I mean, I would say this… it was pretty crazy being at the video shoot for “Forever” with Em and Drake – Hype Williams was shooting the video – and we had to sign some agreements while we were all together… so the front office of Shady had some agreements for us to look over during the breaks while they were shooting the video and one of the top executives at Shady said, “So how does it feel?” And I’m like, “Well, how does what feel?” “Being signed to Shady Records, knowing that you just came from Death Row?” And it kind of stopped and it was like, “Yo, that is pretty crazy.” ‘Cause at the end of the day, it’s called Shady/Aftermath so Death Row Records, they got a big history there, so, yeah, man that was a highlight because it showed me that if you stay true to your craft there’s nowhere you can’t end up, there’s no limit, there’s no glass ceiling… because often we need those kind of stories. You hear the other ones all the time, the people that will just sell their souls to be successful, the people who step on the next man to go up the ladder… it’s always good to have that story where somebody’s just grinding, working hard, staying true to who they are, staying true to the craft and getting places.


Kxng Crooked On Slaughterhouse: I just think it’s scheduling, man… but, you know, you gotta get on the same page. It’s kinda tough to get four guys, doing four different things and moving in four different directions, all on the same page. You gotta get on the same page, and then you gotta commit. You gotta commit from four to six months maybe of your year, at least four, ’cause you’re gonna have to promote it, you’re gonna have to tour, so I just think it’s all about that. I just think it’s the commitment and the scheduling. I’m not trying to throw nobody under the bus, but I’m always ready.


Kxng Crooked On Rumors Of Slaughterhouse Discord: Well, you know, I mean I see it, you know.  I mean, it’s dope that we’ve built a brand that I could probably post a picture of a can of Coca-Cola on my Instagram and somebody will say, “Well, where’s Slaughterhouse album at?” That we have built a brand like that, even that’s been gone for a couple of years and it’s still like, “Yo, where’s Glass House?” That’s dope to me. I just think that we just gotta get on the same page, and once we get on the same page I think it’ll be pretty unstoppable.


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