Yelawolf Takes Break to Sober Up & Changes His Stage Name



After all the shit YelaWolf was going through in the past few months, losing his close friend, relationship problems, fighting depression and alcoholism, destroying the stage and fighting fans, he finally decides to check himself into rehab and surprisingly changes his stage name. From this day Yelawolf is M.W.A. You can check the long message form Yela on Instagram below:


“They couldn’t handle my vision .. I hoaxed the “suicide” of Yelawolf with my ” blood art ” along side a manic depressive state of mind from years of alcoholism .. after loosing my BiggieSmallz @shawtyfatt I decided to sober up and rebrand my new music as Michael Wayne Atha MWA (my given name from my beautiful mother Sheila Diane the original gangster .. named after Michael Landon and John Wayne) and shook the fuckin game ?.. so much so that my own X manager and wanna be father had me apprehended and thrown in the psych ward in SD .. where they tried to break me and feed me drugs for 72 hours against my will .. I lost everything .. and lost 95% of every so called friend and business associates during my stay … and I bounced back so fuckin hard and fast they should give me my own line of Olympic diving boards .. my soul must be spring loaded … I am HipHop’s answer to rock and roll .. and Nashville’s answer to the debauchery they called pop country rap, did it.DONE !! currently inspired by the dopeness pouring out of California … I found it time to rejoin myself on the west coast as the SKATEBOARDER of 28 years, the Visionary, CEO, White Trash High Fashion designer and Creative Director of my Mothers new multi conglomerate company SLUMERICAN … that’s right .. I gave her the keys .. congrats mom !! Your the illest !!!! God is good .. I’m pushing 300 days sober … and happier than ever … I love you all .. and thank you for your prayers .. they didn’t go in vein .. so check this out all you other demonic sons of bitches .. you ? fucks .. I’ll OWN that 51/50 MOTHER FUCKERS !! Cause We both got what we wanted .. you humiliated me infront of my fans family and friends … and I came out the other side as the Alexander McQueen of skateboarding .. and it’s PlanB /SkateMafia / 3.6 SLUMAFIA / and with the blessings of Del the funkyhomosapien .. I am NOW with the mighty mighty Hieroglyphics Crew !!! .. that’s HIGH FASHION BITCH ???? … FUCK THATS SEXY !!! ? MWA !! “