New Interview: Eminem Talks About Football, Rare Cassette Collections & More

This years “Hanukkah Radio” on Sirius XM Shade 45 features Eminem aka “Matzah Mathers”, DJ Whoo Kid aka “DJ Jew Kid”, Scram Jones and Paul Rosenberg.

Paul Rosenberg: I know that you’ve been watching football. You send me angry texts every Sunday… So who do you like? Who’s playing good?

Eminem: We know who I like but I think Dallas is playing great. I think Lions can bounce back, it’s gonna be tough for them to get into the playoffs because they got a tough schedule coming up but I think they can do it.

Paul Rosenberg: When the Cowboys playing the Lions, what you do?

Eminem: My head explodes.

Paul Rosenberg: What else are you doing? When I come to see you in Detroit studio I see a lot of boxes opened up and I see you’re building a cassette collection. Tell me about that process…

Eminem: Absolutely. The process goes like this. I’m trying to collect everything from ’94, maybe is around cutoff, for my nostalgia at heart and I go all the way back to as far back as they made tapes. I try to get s**t that’s hard to get. I buy one that’s unopened and then I buy the used one that’s opened so that I can look at artwork and stuff. I have a cassette player. I got two copies of The Great Adventure of Slick Rick. Opened and unopened.

Paul Rosenberg: We got few songs from Rick Rubin that we’re gonna play and I’m gonna let you go because I know you got cassettes to collect and and football to watch…

Eminem: Yeah and I’m working on my new single too, so… It’s coming out soon. You want the hook? I can give you the taste of the hook: ‘Tell me what time, what time what time, what time you suckin’ it, what time you suckin’ it, tell me what time, tell me what time, time what time, what time you suckin’ it.” that’s roughly the idea of the next single.

Paul Rosenberg: Ohh, we are f**ked.

Eminem: You like it? Cause Whoo Kid it’s actually to you. It’s like super flattering and it’s cool. I actually wrote it for Paul but…

Paul Rosenberg: Alright, I’m trying to let you go but you keep bringing up stuff. Is there anything else?

Eminem: Nah, I think that’s pretty much it, man, just that, just the new single, look out for that.

Paul Rosenberg: And it’s called…?

Eminem: “What Time You Sucking It.” And I feel like its probably gonna be a pretty big record. It doesn’t sound like that to you Paul?!

Paul Rosenberg: Yeah I think we’ll talk offline later.

Listen to the full interview below:

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