Archive Song: The Madd Rapper – “Stir Crazy,” ft. Eminem (Produced by Kanye West)



“Stir Crazy,” is a song by The Madd Rapper, featuring Eminem, off Tell ‘Em Why U Madd album, released in 2000. A song about craziness and dementia. Who’s gonna be the sickest (double entendre here)? Who’s gonna be funniest between The Madd Rapper and Slim Shady? The battle seems to be unfair at first but they both manage to give us great ill and twisted lines till one of them finally gives up.


This great but underrated song is all about rhymes and releasing the lyrical beast. The song is produced by Kanye West, the only song that Eminem is spitting on Kanye’s beat. In a song, Eminem references Dr. Dre and Jay Z with the following line:

“Go bring Jay Z, Tell them him I’mma ghostwrite for him on Dre’s beats..”


Jay-Z is well known to ghost write for other rappers, including Dr. Dre. Em is poking fun at this; offering his writing abilities to Jay Z. Jay Z ghostwrote the classic Dre track, Still D.R.E.


Listen to the song below: